S. Salie

Uhs Eco Ltd comprises of teachers, learners & community members. It is an Environment friendly organisation trying to instill values of preserving our environment for the future. It consists mostly of learners eager to make a positive contribution to society. It was started in 2009 by a small group of learners under the leadership of Kaylene Devine. Up to now it has grown very well. Our school joined Wessa & Eco schools in 2010 & have received various awards for our enviro projects & contributions with our subject lessons according to the Caps documents ever since. We are not where we want to be but the learners try their best to adhere to their mission & vision. All learners are welcome. We also endevour to organise hikes, team building activities, recycling, cleanups, assist the Interact club with a soup kitchen/ snack attack & tree planting. One of our projects for 2016 is to beautfy our school’s main entrance with water wise plants that will bring back aesthetic value & pride. We focussed in planting Spekboom & Aloe so far. Our aim is to use our water tank to sustain our garden. We are hoping to move from strength to strength.