Language is a tool for thought and communication which adds cultural and aesthetic value to our lives. In the study of any language we learn to acquire knowledge, to express identity, feelings and ideas, to interact with others and to manage our world.  Learners will be enabled to acquire skills for: academic learning across the curriculum; to use the language confidently, to use the language appropriately, taking into account purpose, audience and context; to express themselves in order to become critical and analytical thinkers, to express their creativity and emotion.  English is a very important means of communication and the study of English ensures all of the above. It is commonly used at home, in the workplace and as the medium of instruction at tertiary institutions. Uitenhage High School offers English at Home Language level and at First Additional level.

Home Language

Leaners who enrol for English as their Home Language are not necessarily mother tongue speakers but they should have a good command of the English language. This is imperative for their progress in their other subjects as they will also offer English as their Language of Teaching and Learning (LOLT). Learners should have mastered basic inter personal skills required in social settings and the cognitive academic skills essential for learning across the curriculum.

First Additional Language

Learners who enrol for English as an Additional Language should be able to express themselves effectively for communication purposes. We will strengthen the existing skills of learners in this phase and provide them with the necessary support and skills to use English as a means of communication after Grade 12.

The study of English entails the study of the written and spoken word

As educators, we strive to instill in learners a love and appreciation for English. The subject is divided into four sections:

Listening and speaking

Learners are taught to listen and speak for a variety of purposes, audiences, and contexts. This involves preparing and delivering orals, participating in classroom debates, and listening with comprehension to other speakers.

Reading and viewing

The reading and interpretation of a wide range of texts for understanding, critical evaluation, and response will be taught. Different literature genres are read and discussed, so that the learner is able to appreciate various literary works.

Writing and presenting

The learners are expected to write and present for a wide range of purposes and audiences, using the necessary conventions and formats appropriate to diverse contexts. Learners are given the opportunity to express themselves creatively on paper, to sustain a point of view, and to demonstrate sensitivity to others. They are also taught transactional writing that will be needed in the working world.

Career opportunities

The correct use of language is important in any and all careers as communication is key to understanding one another.  Good language skills are especially needed in education, law, the media, the medical field and    many other fields. Many areas have their own terms and vocabulary which is used in that particular field only.

Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides.

Rita Brown