Mathematical Literacy In Everyday Life

This subject has immense relevance in our lives as it covers topics ranging from budgeting, measuring, and map skills, to the reading of travel time-tables and cell phone contracts.

Students gain knowledge and skills which can stand them in good stead, throughout their lives, in both a personal and a business sense. In particular, they learn to make sense of large volumes of information, presented in tables or on graphs, through the application of mathematical principles. This develops decision-making skills, as students learn to evaluate information based on sound criteria. It also strengthens reading skills and promotes an improved understanding amongst students of their immediate environment.

The Financial Planning and Measurement Modules are favourites in the Curriculum, with the study of our Tax Laws and business budgeting serving to encourage students to plan for future entrepreneurial enterprises.

Making A Choice Between Mathematical Literacy And Mathematics

When choosing between Mathematical Literacy and Mathematics, a learner’s aptitude should be carefully considered. Mathematical Literacy is the more practical of the two subjects. In its Curriculum statement, the Department of Education defines it thus: ‘Mathematical Literacy provides learners with an awareness and understanding of the role that Mathematics plays in the modern world. Mathematical Literacy is a subject driven by life-related applications of Mathematics. It enables learners to develop the ability and confidence to think numerically and spatially, in order to interpret and critically analyse everyday situations and to solve problems.’

Pure Mathematics, on the other hand, may be regarded as the more abstract and technical choice, and one which in which strong English language skills are also important.

Achieving good results in Mathematical Literacy can open doors for future study and enable entry to courses in, for example, Design and Drawing, Finance, and Accounting. Making the right choice therefore is vital, and an excellent Mathematical Literacy result will be worth much more than a very poor result in Mathematics.